Top 5 Hottest Guys On The Internet (Robbie’s List)

The internet is a glorious place for horny people. It’s not difficult to find porn, but it might be difficult to find good porn… however, this article is not about porn. I know, I’m sorry to disappoint. But this article is about a related topic: hot men on the internet.

While not all of the guys on this list are directly related to porn, they are pretty gosh darn hot and they post some pretty gosh darn hot stuff (or you can find it pretty easily) on the internet.

Without further delay, here are my (Robbie) favorite hot guys that exist in the digital sphere. (Don’t worry I linked to their Instagrams… you’re welcome).

  1. Leo (@leotakespix on InstantChat)
    If you’re into briefs and butts, then you should follow this guy on his Instagram and Tumblr. You should also maybe consider following his boyfriend too!
    This guy not only is hot with clothes on he’s hot naked. And thankfully for us he rarely posts anything that doesn’t have an element of nudity in it.
    He has a fucking great ass and an even more miraculous bulge. Oh, and he’s Italian. And that’s another layer of hotness for you!
  2. Blake Mitchell (@mrblakemitchell)
    If you’ve ever searched for porn any time recently, you’re probably more than familiar with Blake Mitchell.  he’s the epitome of twunk. I’m obsessed with him to be honest. He’s cute, he’s funny, and he’s totally my teenage dream boy. Not only is he everything you could possibly want aesthetically, but he’s smart! And no it’s not just because he looks smart because of the glasses. He’s actually smart, I mean he wrote an erotic novel!
  3. Timothee Chalamet(@tchalamet)
    Call Me By Your Name has officially become mandatory reading and viewing material for baby gays. Like as soon as you come out you have to watch Paris is Burning and Call Me By Your Name.
    Timothee is prime French looking angsty twink vibes and I am into it. Honestly, I think that he’s so cute and young and fresh to the Hollywood scene, he’s something refreshing. He looks like the kind of guy who should be walking down the runway in some sort of androgynous Alexander McQueen campaign (and right into my heart).
  4. Shawn Mendez (@shawnmendes)
    Okay let’s go back to the world of twunks to explore the beautiful man that is Shawn Mendes. At first I was skeptical. I didn’t understand the hype. I thought he was too baby faced and not enough man for me. But then I saw that wet-t-shirt-contest-esc VMA’s performance and I was officially convinced that he’s hot as hell. I’m pretty sure that he’s gay because in a carpool karaoke it sounds like he says guy instead of girl in a song and I’m chalking it up to a Freudian slip.
  5. Candy Ken (@candyken69)
    Okay I don’t know why I’m attracted to this guy. Like seriously, I have no idea. He has an amazing body (and a p big dick) but to be honest I don’t get his femme-masc aesthetic… but I’m strangely here for it? He posts his music videos for his – I guess you’d call it – rap career on PornHub… so do with that what you will. But yeah he has a big ol’ dick and calls himself daddy so I’m not not into it.